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Brain-focused drills to eliminate pain and improve your ability to function & perform!


A primary component of Neuro Drills training is to understand and eliminate pain.  In our context, pain can be anything from tight and sore muscles to acute and chronic pain.  Let's say you have knee pain (or want a stronger knee); one way to improve it is strengthen the surrounding muscles, but what most people don't realize is that the quality of movement in your knee not only requires the surrounding tissues to be functioning well, but requires a good visual and vestibular system as well.  Poor balance and visual skills reflect heavily on how well your body moves.  If you want to move better, you need to train your vision and vestibular systems!

Pain is individual
Pain is an action signal
Any threat can be interpreted as pain

Training Your Nervous System

Our brains are constantly adapting to the stimuli we provide it.  Inactive areas of your brain are shown in the way we move (GAIT, eye movement, how you breathe, etc.).  With Neuro Drills, the goal is identify areas of disfunction with a series of assessments and activate them with a combination of drills based on your movement and injury history.
Your nervous system is extremely fast and can respond just as fast when you provide it with the stimulus YOU need.

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